drugs seized from death truck

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    Drugs seized from death truck
    By Kara Lawrence
    October 30, 2004

    POLICE believe tests will show drugs found in the cabin of a truck that caused a fatal pile-up at Mooney Mooney, New South Wales, included morphine.

    The Daily Telegraph can exclusively reveal police will allege the drug package was recovered from the cabin of David Lawler's rig, which smashed into 35 vehicles and killed 52-year-old Anne Parker on the F3.

    It is understood toxicology tests are under way to determine whether Mr Lawler had morphine or any other drug in his system at the time of the crash.

    Meanwhile, witnesses at the scene of the accident have described how several number plates were also seized from the unregistered rig's cabin.

    A number belonged to vehicles which were unrelated to Mr Lawler.

    The Daily Telegraph understands Mr Lawler had previously reported to police that the number plates to his rig had been stolen.

    However, police will allege they discovered after the fatal crash that he had kept the allegedly stolen plates.

    Plate swapping - an illegal practise - is sometimes used in the long-haul trucking industry to prevent tracking of the truck's movements.

    Channel 9 news last night revealed Mr Lawler was the subject of an urgent report written by RTA inspectors well before last Friday's crash.

    An RTA confidential report revealed the Volvo truck's number plate VWF 556 was in fact registered to a panel van on the Central Coast. The trailer's plate, L88 889, belonged on the back of a box trailer registered in Penrith.

    Ten days later Mr Lawlor was directed by RTA inspectors to pull into the Mt White weigh station and inspectors noted anomolies with his load.

    He was ordered to pull over for a more detailed inspection but accelerated back on to the F3.

    Channel 9 said a report by one of the inspectors revealed that Mr Lawler's rig again had false number plates, registered to a 1982 model Hino truck.

    When The Daily Telegraph visited Mr Lawler's Merewether home in Newcastle last night a young man, who said he was not Mr Lawler's son, said Mr Lawler would not be commenting.

    The Daily Telegraph


    I'de say Mr Lawler is in deep shite.

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