drug dealers - serving the barmitzvah market?

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    MDMA tablets, also known as Ecstasy, come a variety of designer colors and symbols. Dealers often market the tablets based on the imprinted symbols. In December 2000, DEA and the U.S. Customs Service, along with Los Angeles area police initiated an investigation of Jacob Simon Levi who was identified as a cell head in the Tuito organization. In April 2001, intelligence was received from the Levi investigation that he was coordinating the transport of 70,000 MDMA tablets from New York to Florida. This intelligence was passed on to the DEA New York office which initiated surveillance on two more suspects. One of the two, Yitzig Sabag made a call to Levi after the two suspects loaded a rental car with 70,000 MDMA tablets. Later, Sabag and Yehiel Amoyal were stopped by the Delaware State Police. A consent search revealved 68,456 tablets of Ecstasy.

    But, but, but, all the movies from Hollywood show drug dealers as blacks and hispanics!!!!!!!!!!
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