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dropping price and a theory

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    Thankyou for your thoughtful response mate.
    Like yourself i sometimes wonder why i even bother.
    I have a gut feeling this stock has been manipulated to the hilt.
    Firstly its not the sort of premium i would expect to receive.
    Secondly it has dropped way to fast today...way to fast.
    Something stinks here and I would not be suprised if it were the hedge funds recovering their massive loss from yesterdays announcement.
    It has dropped for no fundamental reason....I thought hedge funds were here to rescuse us (the market) from its ineficiencies...well THANKS FOR ALL THE BULL on that one.
    Looks like those buggers are only interested in rescuing themselves.
    If i were a director i would come out with another announcement that would really shake these idiots out of shorting this stock. That is unless the director finds some benefit to having it sold down cheap...ie when it comes time to pay out ZFX shareholders they will issue new shares at a much cheaper price thus making it VERY PROFITABLE for the merged group. The truth is that they dont really care about us guys...so long as they retain their positions in the company they are satisfied.
    Just on extending on my theory....its always possible that the directors know certain hedge funds and have engineered this whole thing..If so they had better be careful..WE ARE WATCHING.
    Now i would invite some logical commentary.
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