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Boondog,Saw your post before it was moderated. The market can be...

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    Saw your post before it was moderated. The market can be irrational, but I think the bottom falling out of RCRs price to the extent you suggested is a big call.

    I invest on fundamentals and momemtum. The former looks good for RCR - they are conservatively geared, have a low EV, low price to operating cashflow (my estimates at the bottom of this post). Plus they have a good outlook - in the mid year briefing they reported their order book was $245M of orders on hand at June 2009 (previous corresponding period $170M) with 50% of anticipated full year project revenue already contracted or under negotiation.

    RCR could do alot better in updating the market on work won and earning estimates. Anyway, I am long. The company is worth north of $2 in my estimates using a peer comparison basis - time will tell which one of us is right.... cheers

    1.88 Current ratio
    2.00 Quick ratio
    0.48 Debt/Asset ratio
    0.94 Debt/Equity

    120,900 Market capitalisation
    174,688 Enterprise Value
    96,688 Tangible enterprise Value

    12.55 Enterprise multiple (EV/EBIT)
    4.04 Enterprise multiple (EV/EBITDA)

    0.24 OCF/Share
    0.08 FCF/Share
    3.90 Price/OCF
    11.85 Price/FCF

    8.69 PER
    0.765 NTA per share
    1.365 NA per share
    0.107 EPS
    1.216 Price/NTA

    0.136 eps 2010
    0.191 eps 2011
    6.84 per 2010
    4.87 per 2011
    0.05 div per share 2010
    0.07 div per share 2011
    0% div surprise
    0.050 risk adjusted div 2010
    0.067 risk adjusted div 2011
    5.4% yield 2010
    7.2% yeild 2011
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