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drongo's announcement

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    soooooooo, Admiral Drongo is writing his own announcements now...

    after sacking messrs chick, coates, deadman, rhodes and ms cox!

    after spending most of the first page on isentress (???) and missing the main points that it is making good money and is not in a fixed dosec combo pill, is twice daily and a 600 mg pill, much like ATC

    admiral drongo comes out with this one...

    "ATC would have to compete against well established drugs on the markets such as AZT, ddI, ddC, D4t, 3TC, FTC and Abacavir and a closely related class of drug called nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors which include Tenofovir."

    hold on a minute drongo...


    did u say ddc?

    "The manufacture and distribution of ddC (Hivid) was discontinued by the manufacturer as of February 15, 2006."!!!

    so not likely to be a competitor there Admiral drongo...

    d4t, did i hear you say admiral drongo?

    yeah, was big in Africa until...

    the WHO recommended it not be used anymore because of serious side effects

    so not really a competitor there either drongo...

    i guess the others are at least on the market admiral drongo!!!

    BUT they all have been around for quite a few years, and well before Avexa even started to develop ATC, or u joined us at AVX
    ftc was the last approved, in 2003!!!
    so not really new competition that u should bring up now after taking our money in the SPP less than 6 mths ago...

    i wont go in to atc activity in m184v and tams, as u probably think they're just in the imagination, hey drongo



    quick, before he has to write another stupid announcement
    guess it comes from being a banker...

    and talking about bankers, how is your mate Bottoms going on his 'independent' 'strategic' 'review'
    guess he would be with u on the 'designated' M&A Sub-Committee...

    I would laff but it hurts...

    oh, and why did u give csiro their hcv money back?
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