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    If the directors werent confident of production Why would they put in the report that 'it is likely production will be obtained' They could have said " a decision would be made after the well is completed"
    With the ASX watching after the speeding ticket these are strong words IMHO means production is more likely than not we just need to know the quantities
    Remember this is not just a Gas play Oil has been found as well
    IMO the sp is priced for about 27bcf atm with out any oil factored in
    I am holding until the results are know imo more upside potential than downside a risk worth taking
    They also have the uranium and gold plays which must add a value to the share price some uranium plays are at 50c with nothing more than hope they will find something at least GDN has found oil and Gas
    Heres hoping its all good over the next couple of weeks
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Currently unlisted public company.

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