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drilling programe

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    with the upcoming drilling programme in the Carnarvon Basin commencing in a fortnight I am surprised of the lack of posts.

    The release of the drilling programme for August.

    It looks like Taunton-3 is an appraisal well to appraise the Taunton Oilfield.

    Hyssop-1 is an exploration well initially Exxon elected not participate. The participants are Apache, Santos and Tap where Tap has invested approximately $2 million into the two wells. Hyssop-1 is nearby tap's latest discovery in the Cyrano Oilfield.

    Mosman-1 appears to be a large prospect where if succesfull it can produce 20-50 million barrels of oil.

    It seems like an interesting play and have invested in it for the next eight or so weeks.

    Well Permit %Share Spud Date Target Depth Potential Size
    Taunton-3 TL2 10% 14 August 1350m 3-5 mmbbl
    Hyssop-1 TP7 10% 25 August 600m 10-30 mmbbl
    Mosman-1 TL2 23% 31 August 2500m 20-50 mmbbl

    Anyone else watching this ?
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