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    Has anyone heard if these guys have actually put that bit in the ground yet.No ann last week.Maybe its held up?Might email them next week to find out just whats going down.I'm no geologist/drill expert.What sort of progress time-wise should we expect once drillings confirmed?

    Thanks in advance.Domum.

    P.S. Doc-your choice if you get out of the market.However as others have said why dont you spread your risk a little out of pure spec(as HAV is) and into some that are close to production,eg-AVL.Im not ramping this stock to you doc,your choice if you buy.As long as they produce from end of August theres really only one way for the price to go.Only risk here is if congo flies apart again.Cant see it in this part of the country in the short term though.I'd just like to see you make some dough back.As Flats said,once cash starts to flow and stock is promoted we should at least see 20c.I'm hoping for a hell of a lot more.But 20 would be nice.

    Good luck which ever way you go doc.

    I have some AVL,HAV,ARX(?)
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