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drill results just out. 3m at 6 percent u

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    Don't think I have heard of such a high U grade in Australia...

    Who got on this today?

    In the NT, so mining allowed... also have interests in Coal and Iron Ore and Own a drilling company.

    Market Cap is cheap.


    Significant uranium assay results from recent RC drilling at the Liberator prospect within the Shoobridge (NT) project include:

    3m @ 6.05% (133 lb/t ) U3O8 from 39m including 1m @ 18.1% (399 lb/t) U3O8 from 40m

    [email protected] 1.34% (29 lb/t) U3O8 from 19m including 1m @ 4.99% (110 lb/t) U3O8 from 21m

    Mineralogy comprises uraninite (pitchblende – uranium oxide) and torbernite (copper uranium phosphate)
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