NKP 0.00% 9.9¢ nkwe platinum limited


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    Ralph, Your dreaming re sub 40.

    Whos going to sell into less than 40 Bids with BFS news and upgrade around the corner. It was disappointing not to meet deadlines and I would suggest he gives himself more leway in future and perhaps be less specific in trying to call the exact day. Sometimes delays can be out of managements hands but they should take these possibilities into account. Anyway, in the big scheme of things it matters not, simply an opportunity to buy in cheap as the near upgrade price has already been revealed to us at 55cps. Good for daytraders as I think McCleod mentioned.Anyone wanting to make a quick profit from the shares issued would be mad not to wait two weeks or so and I think this is why there will be support. Bad luck for T+3 traders. Nothings changed except my holding of nkp which increased today )

    GL all, next time we'll know.

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