drc inauguration of 4 vps!!!!!!

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    All you avl guys have been very queit as of late.So I thought Id stir the avl pot a little.I wouldve thought someone wouldve picked up on the vice presidential news or are we all resigned to the attitude the analyst have that the in the last paragraph.The political situation,hence the risk factor,is far from over in this country.Geez Im sounding more and more like scarva every day.Iknow,I know NT,Dikulushi is a thousand Ks away from all the trouble.

    Well lets face it people,sellers didnt like something,otherwise why would they be there.Roll out that conspiracy theory NT.But thats an aweful lot to put up for sale to hold the price in the context of the current buying depth if buyers were going to jump at it.And they havnt so far.

    For my part,in reference to the risk situation,this will not change until a stable government(of any kind) is installed and they stick to current mining regs that have been brokered by the WB so as not to change the returns that miners should get from DRC projects.They would be fools not too.

    Im not down ramping here,just trying to fathom the recent selling.

    Any way,heres the article,make of it what you will,but 4 Vice Presidents??????It just goes to show how these guys egos have to be massaged by such appointments in order attract them to the peace process.

    Hitch in DR Congo peace team

    Four vice-presidents were inaugurated on Thursdays
    Rebel ministers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have refused to swear an oath of loyalty to President Joseph Kabila, casting new doubts on the peace process.
    They accuse him of trying to extend his powers under the power-sharing government, which is supposed to end a war which has raged for almost five years, killing an estimated three million people.

    Outside the national assembly building in the capital, Kinshasa, there is a lively show of singers and dancers but the rebel ministers refuse to leave their hotel rooms.

    The rebels say Mr Kabila is head of the republic, not the government in the transitional authority.

    The BBC's Ishbel Matheson in the capital, Kinshasa, says it may seem like a trivial complaint but the jockeying for political power is under way.

    This row comes less than 24 hours after the inauguration of four new vice-presidents, including two rebels, raised hopes of an end to Africa's bloodiest war.

    'New dictatorship'

    An official with the rebel RCD, Crispin Kabasele-Tshimanga, said that the ministers "did not want to consecrate a new dictatorship" or "personality cult" by swearing loyalty to Mr Kabila.

    Other ministers in the new government took their oath of office on Tuesday but the RCD ministers delayed their arrival in Kinshasa in a row over how many bodyguards they would be allowed to take to the capital.

    On Thursday, Azarias Ruberwa, RCD leader and new vice-president, said: "Our arrival marks the effective start of the transition."

    "We have already announced the end of the war, now it's a reality."

    The new government is supposed to organise the first multi-party elections since DR Congo's independence in 1960.

    But Western influences who are seen to be pouring money into the Congo are noy very concerned as they are sure International negotiator N T will get tough and sort the rebels out!

    Even before this latest set-back, analysts said that unifying a country four times the size of France, across which there are few linking roads or railways, will be a huge task which could take many generations.

    End of article.

    With any luck those Euro buyers will hold tight to what theyve bought and you guys will see decent support established at 14/15.Hope that quarterly returns good financial news or it could be back to the 11/12 level until stage II is up and running.

    Good luck with it all,d

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