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DRC-AFRICA Business Forum 2021 24/25 November, page-8

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    #DRC will supply ALL Major Germany automotive #EVBatteryAutomobileElectric plug"other #European countries r being approached to serve as offtakers for #RDCFlag of Congo - Kinshasa#battery precursorsBatteryAlso the North American(#USA) market is also a possibility"Lizard$AVZ#Lithium


    “ AVZ Minerals is the largest lithium Spodumene deposit in the world in addition to that and in their own project there will be investing not only the production of lithium but also the production of lithium hydroxide which is an important input towards the strategic goal that informs this Forum namely the production of batteries and so AVZ are an important and KEY player for us to be able to achieve the goals of this Forum. the Manono area will b declared by the government a special Economic Zone and potential to create a world-class legal regulatory investment environment for investors to attract those investors that we have mentioned earlier so that AVZ are a key player in the course of the program. we will have a B2B event focused on exactly Manono special Economic Zone which will be led by our financial partner's ECA but aware AVZ are playing a lead role in presenting the opportunities available in Manono ”

    “ Manono being the Largest non brine deposit being developed by AVZ Will serve as a feedstock for the battery industry “

    https://hotcopper.com.au/data/attachments/3816/3816693-315a30187a23b0e90ca4801242c27ee2.jpg ________-__ https://hotcopper.com.au/data/attachments/3816/3816696-13e406baa39f0d015e0c2f4df21ade7e.jpg
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