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drawing a long bow

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    Thought I'd post some comments from the UK about CERES power, another mCHP developer in the UK. Future potential valuations are staggering!

    as follows....

    July 13th, 2007 | Market whispers | No comments.

    Citigroup is getting rather excited about the firm’s combined heat and power plant. Things start off in a reasonably sane fashion as it looks at DCF valuations of 310-500p.
    But then analyst Nick Williamson goes off the grid when he says: ‘If international CHP and APUs (auxiliary power unit) opportunities come to fruition, our “blue skies” analysis suggests a per share valuation of c£24, at a 10% WACC.’ thats about CERES..heres some comments that compare CFU to CERES..
    ...CFCL's technology is more advanced, CFCL have more 1000's of hours of testing their NetGen units behind them (important as relaibility is vital), CFCL have the "balance of plant" in place while ceres do not, CFCL are better funded, CFCL are further down the road to commercial delivery, and have better signed agreements and partners across europe and worldwide.

    ..DYOR but looking good to me. AU$20.00 here we come
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