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    Just listened to it ! OMG do people really understand what these guys have just created and there is no competitor even close on their heels atm . After listening to this I’m more confident in my investment now than any others in my portfolio, I’ll be sifting through and selling my others stocks to buy more into WBT ! This stock , its massive potential and the world class board that has been attracted and assembled that the ASX has never seen before tells me this will be a complete success for without this technology the world would not see technological advances move in leaps and bounds all my opinion and in no way financial advice .

    Coby Quoted:

    A). We are in CORE and ABLEMENT in anything that is happening today!

    B) Our memory can fit a third application which is Artificial intelligence!

    C). We have a very advanced technology unlike other new technology, it’s easy to use technology for the fabs !

    D) We can go into any fab in the world and with a little tweeking and adjustments we can start manufacturing, we don’t need them to introduce new materials , new tools or anything like that , our technology is ready to be transferred to these fabs , we already have it confirmed by a third party !!! WOW .

    E) 100 times better than current technologies in terms of endurance!

    F) It can function in high temperatures so we can retain data for 10 years at 130 -150 degrees Celsius , which makes us a potential for the Automotive industry ! (He didn’t mention Military) but I’ll just throw that in for him .

    G) Silicone fabs cost $$$ billions of dollars to set up so to use any other material other than Silicone would be a huge set back , we have a huge advantage over other materials !

    Coby mentioned “we are talking to a few fabs” personally I think they are all knocking at his door ! This is were Coby can pick and choose , he has something that the whole world needs, it’s in every device which can be manufactured without retooling and therefore a saving of billions of dollars to the fab companies ! WIN WIN . It’s been validated to move to FAB as I’m writing this and a announcement could be imminent imo .
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