There is a new "Save Kaapelinkulma" movement in ValkeakoskiThey...

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    There is a new "Save Kaapelinkulma" movement in Valkeakoski
    They blocked the mining site for one day on January 2nd 2019.

    Regional and national activist stopped Dragon´s Sastamala plant for a day
    It is said in the article that police visited in the morning but did not remove the demonstrators.
    The workers left when they realized, that demonstrators standing on the machines in
    chains were not going to leave.  Police came again in the afternoon and most of the 
    demonstrators left, but four were taken in the custody. 
    Article is in Finnish, but you may check the picture where demonstrators have a sign
    with Dragon´s name on a machine.

    There are more demonstrations planned e.g. for 26.1. based on the facebook page
    with more than 850 likes.
    The petition has over 1000 names
    This is quite extraordinary on a small place like Valkeakoski,
    where has not ever been any demonstrations.
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