Dear Dragon´s friend,You appear to be well aware how Dragon...

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    Dear Dragon´s friend,

    You appear to be well aware how Dragon wants to present case.
    It is however quite big misrepresentation

    Ministries said that the environmental permits were not appealed.
    However Valkeakoski people and environmental organizations have
    filed reexamination of the permits based on Environmental protection law.
    Furthermore TUKES bond decision has been appealed and
    it was in news that there will be an appeal based on the lack 
    of permit according to the water law.

    The last paragraph of the document of the ministries
    says that there is no permit for the enrichment of the Kaapelinkulma ore.
    It is therefore quite strange to claim that permits would OK.

    Minister Lintilä speaks what ministry orders, it would be 
    quite interesting  if he would have said that the government had checked the

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