A major Finnish journal Iltalehti published large article...

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    A major Finnish journal Iltalehti published large article about 
    Dragon Mining on December 25th. This article tells about multiple
    problems of Dragon Mining.
    1) The locals keep opposing the Kaapelinkulma mine and there
    are two appeals still on-going, one against the environmental 
    permit and the other one against the TUKES-bond decision.
    The company wrote in Hong Kong prospectus that Kaapelinkulma
    will be mined before appeals will be decided by the courts, which
    has risen major political storm in Finland.

    2) Based on the prospectus the uranium in the Jokisivu
    ore enriched in Sastamala may exceed radiation limits
    and authority has started a process.

    3) An expert states that current enrichment of 300 000 tons
    of ore and potential enrichment of Kaapelinkulma ore would
    be against illegal as there is no permit from permit authority AVI,
    and statements of ELY are illegal.


    Based on the Iltalehti story
    many member of parliament are requesting changes to mining law.
    The minister of Economy and Employment, Mika Lintilä
    states that "no company can come to Finland and behave
    like a pig". He promised on investigation about Dragon Mining,
    which would be good to know by the investors

    Dragon has published a release 28.12.2018 about Jokisivu
    gold drilling. There is nothing special about this.
    The company would need such results to keep the mine going.

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