Dear NameuserThanks  again for your kind and non-biased,...

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    Dear Nameuser
    Thanks  again for your kind and non-biased, objective comment.
    It appears that whole Finland has a personal grudge against Dragon,
    friends are few and disappearing. 
    Dragon been stopped several times by demonstrations in Valkeakoski Kaapelinkulma
    and at Sastamala plant.
    No release in Hong Kong stock exchange (HKEX).

    It is time for shareholders to ask if Dragon comply with HK listing rules about
    information. The whole listing was unfair and evidence of cheating can be provided.

    The local resistance movement is now giving press releases in
    English. Like "Pelastetaan Kaapelinkulma" (Save Kaapelinkulma) and follow situation
    at the mining site. Note the profile picture with Dragon.
    Nordic Informer
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