Dear Friends,Discussion appears to have been ended about DRA of...

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    Dear Friends,
    Discussion appears to have been ended about DRA of ASX
    after successful listing in HKEX
    I start this chain just in case you would be interested in the news from Finland.
    There are matters developing such as Kaapelinkulma mine is to be opened soon.
    Valkeakoski neighbours officials have been discussing the use of ditches.
    There was a request to stop the mine until the ditch issue would be solved.
    However city did not considered that it would have right to stop the mine.
    Article in Finnish.

    and there a request to check presence of protected springs in the mine region.responsibility 
    Police has denied responsibility and the matter is being handled by environmental authority of the city of Valkeakoski
    Article in Finnish.

    Valkeakoski city council members has requested better control of mine waters, article in Finnish.

    In general it would be interesting to see  Q3 report.
    There should be good results in mining high grades in Orivesi,
    but has there been unexpected costs from the HK listing operation.
    The cash position of the operation is interesting as previously discussed

    Best Regards
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