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dr walker ... a longer term view

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    Its possible that some posters havent grasped the potential of ucg and its strategic value for these and future times. If so, spend the time to dig back several months in this forum.

    Dr Len was apparently very well received by his peers at the recent Houston conference, so some of the posted comments in the previous thread look, at best, poorly informed.

    Dr Len has been back in the country for probably only 2 or 3 days. Sit back and let the guy do his job. After all, his and our financial interests are very much aligned.

    Whilst there are undoubtedly short term trading opportunities with this company, more money is to be made mid to longer term as the ucg story gains traction ... imo, the potential gains could be jaw dropping.

    Mid to long term investors can look away and have a life in the meantime. What is it with some yappy traders that they have to prattle on with drivelling, self seving posts that imo are quite misleading and distracting to any potential longer term investors and add little to this forum?

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