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    FRASIER star KELSEY GRAMMER has spoken out in defence of US President GEORGE W BUSH's controversial decision to invade Iraq.

    The 49-year-old actor has slammed Bush-bashers regarding the delicate situation of the Middle East, as he insists the leader and his British counterpart, Prime Minister TONY BLAIR was right to send soldiers to their death in the name of protecting America.

    He says, "Bush and Tony have difficult jobs to do.

    "Is it possible to enter a world that's full of violence, anger and hatred and not have some consequences that are unpleasant for people?

    "Is it a sin to kill? Yes it is. Is it a sin to defend oneself? No. It's a great, difficult decision to stand up and say, 'I will dedicate lives to this cause.

    "I will take on an unpopular position in order to secure the wellbeing of my country.'".
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