dr bourse -help -my stocks all up -is this normal?

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    Dr Bourse - I feel strange -I have a most unusual circumstance. All my stocks keep going up. Old dogs are rising from the dead. This is most unsettling Dr Bourse. What is this strange affliction that prevails me? Even my worst listing is about to shake off it's negative bottom line. All this green is so unfamiliar Dr Bourse. Should I be concerned Dr Bourse? I keep selling but the unfamiliar green wont go away. The cash is piling up and forced sales to make the next buy are now a distant memory. How long can this last Dr Bourse? My financial year target of 20% gain on my total portfolio is already two thirds done and in less than three months Dr Bourse. This is not normal Dr Bourse. Oh dear Dr Bourse what can you perscribe for me Dr Bourse?
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