dpl - co erctile dysfunction syndrome

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    i have not read all of the posts wrt dpl, so maybe somebody has already posted this. the following is from the west australian

    On its first day of trade, the stock closed at $1.09 - not bad for a company which struggled to raise its IPO target of $8 million, and was subsequently forced to reduce that to $3.75 million.


    i suppose the amazing thing is, is that it would hve beed dead easy to get shares in the float, at 50c. obviously, there has been a lot of churning in the stock, but i would think that most of the original investors would already be out

    not a stock for me, that is for sure. i believe that a drug called cialis, lasts for 36 hours, if the company is on this drug (as opposed to viagra), then it may stay up a bit longer, before starting to sag. this stock may well suffer from "company erectile dysfunction syndrome" or CEDS for short
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