dpl - announcement due this week - my thoughts

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    From previous announcements, the opening of the Sydney operations was due after the 8th, This would explain the sudden run of purchases on the weekend of the 7th/8th (volumes have been low since then).

    The expectation would be that an announcement would come in the next week (s) - however bear in mind that some of the directors are currently in Nevada looking at additional premises.

    Similarly there is an anticipated $12m? to be spent buying two premisis in Melb, however these are subject to showing profitability for each venue of over 4 m in the past years - always a good sign.

    SO - why mention this? It's down to the management at the moment. There would be a little pressure from them to show the seriousness of the business and not be "flash in the pan" - IE, deliver shareholder value and deliver on the plans they said they would make.

    My personal feeling is that sometime in the coming weeks you will hear these announcements as they come thru, and it may be a good chance to jump in given the noise they will potentially make in the market as they are a "trendy" stock . . with intrinsic value that goes beyond goodwill. If this doesnt occur then slowly the price will slip, but only until they announce the aquisitions.

    My 2 cents - take it or leave it. Sex sells - it wont go away, when people are happy or sad, they still want it.
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