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    I refer everyone to the following article on the Motley Fool website today


    Don't you just love the tabloid style headline

    I can't decide where to start with the mind boggling level of ignorance that the writer of this article appears to display about Resapp. I stand to be corrected but IMO the writer appears to show such a clear lack of understanding of both what Resapp actually does and about its business model.

    If I had more time I would breakdown this article and deconstruct the points made one by one....I feel that collectively the Hot Copper community could share their thoughts on this writer's "analysis" of Resapp

    He claims he is doing his poor readers a public service because someone wrote to him on twitter that they were going to bet the house on Resapp........I really don't know what sort of morons are amongst his readership but obviously he feels there are enough of his readers that would be so stupid as to bet the house on shares that he felt compelled to put out this "public service announcement"..........It really had nothing to do with promoting the "service" they provide and getting you to pay money to them so they can tell you in their wisdom which shares you should really be buying???? haha

    He starts by comparing Resapp to Ziptel and 1PG........really???

    The impression I get from his article that he actually seems to believe that Resapp is an Asthma App. No mention of both the adult and paediatric results with the incredible accuracy in diagnosing multiple respiratory conditions.

    He then goes on to say

    "I believe it would be extremely expensive to drive widespread uptake of the company’s phone applications as a diagnostic device. The reason for this is that doctors generally do like to see a patient when possible, and although tele-health is certainly growing, I’m not convinced the best use of effort is to try to move diagnosis itself to being over the internet."

    Considering the writer is a professional analyst this "belief" beggars belief. How does doctors preferring to see patients personally translate into it would be extremely expensive to drive uptake of the app. Does he not realise that doctors can use the app not just via telehealth but also when seeing a patient in person? Is he even aware of the trial results where Resapp picked up serious respiratory illness where experienced doctors had given the all clear? Does he realise the time and cost saving that could be made with Resapp compared to the use of X-ray and other scans?......Apparently not

    Is he even aware of potential use of the app in emergency rooms? What about remote diagnosis for remote communities or third world countries?

    The best he seems to come up with is carting out the old "its got no revenue" line.

    Excuse me while I go and bang my head against the wall.
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