downer and wmds - what an idiot

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    To think this fool was at one time a future PM.

    The only thing that has been found so far are 2 trucks that weapons inspectors can not work out what they were used for so they are making the assumption that their purpose was for manufactoring weapons. Hardly solid evidence.

    and Downer thinks this is revealing!!! next he will be saying that someones can of bug spray is proof.

    Aust's Downer says clear evidence exists of Iraq's WMD program 11:31 29/5/2003


    Financial news brought to you by AAP

    CANBERRA, May 29 AAP - There was clear evidence Iraq did have a
    biological weapons program, despite a failure by coalition forces
    to find weapons of mass destruction, Foreign Minister Alexander
    Downer said today.
    US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has added to doubts about
    Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program saying they could have
    been destroyed before the war.
    At the same time US intelligence officials have admitted finding
    no trace of biological agents in special trailers that allied
    forces believed had been mobile laboratories for creating WMD
    Mr Downer said Mr Rumsfeld had not given up on finding chemical
    or biological weapons - the key reason why the US and its allies
    Australia and Britain argued the war was necessary.
    "He said they might be hard to find or might not be found," Mr
    Downer told ABC radio.
    He said the US State Department had published a document on the
    two alleged biological warfare vehicles saying Saddam Hussein did
    have a biological war program.
    "Whether the agents that were to be used in those biological
    warfare vehicles will be found, that's another question, because
    it's obviously like looking for a needle in a haystack," Mr Downer
    "But the fact is that the equipment has now been presented to
    the world, and I think that's very revealing."

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