VCR ventracor limited

down but looking good

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    The stock has dropped down to $1.76 today, but I do believe it is consolidation. I called M's Meldrum on Tues. 5 th Aug. She was gracious with the Info about this Co. I thinks she was the P.R. head of VCR. From her comments all was going very well the patient was doing very well (which is just great).i was just fasinated at what she was saying about the ventra assist. The body & blood flow accept this device with no drama. It is recharged via a magnetic charge, & it has just one moving part which is the impalla & sits beside the heart into the aorta to push the blood through the body. The cash flow is in great shape. In jan'03 there was $18 mill in the kitty with a burn rate of $1 mill/month. They have very important patents which in it's self would keep the Co. in the positive cash wise.Please remember this is worth $20 bill/year yeah $20 bill/year incredible sums of money.This Co. has abit of competion but are the leaders w/wide in this field. A must stock to hold Imho
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