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    remember our letter of 18 months ago
    we said down the track we are heading to the 7000 level,yet the last 18 months or so the DOW did always recover from its low, but never broke to previous high!
    any way that our preview for the week !
    I've been studying the graphs for DJ for the last 10 days (as well as following it real time)
    Friday was a special day with options expiries spoiling the pie. Monday will see a slow drop followed by a massive rally in the afternoon. Only ´real bad news will spoil this forecast. If you look at the graph shapes for last Monday you'll see a familiar pattern set to repeat itself. Tuesday will see a similar or larger rise. If the rise on Monday is small then the rise on Tuesday will be large. The market makers don't like to make it too easy for the options traders so you can be sure that we will be in for a short term rally lat monday. Make the most of it. Wednesday will be a continuation of the downward trend.

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