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dowjones to go to 14000 + in 2005

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    i thought 12000 could be possible...
    that was a reply to one of my post

    Why stop there. According to my new and recently revised forecasts, it now strongly appears that the Dow is headed to 14,000. The economy is running and gaining massive momentum like a tsunami. Everything is now OK in Afghanistan after the elections and once elections in Iraq is over, things will be calm. I mean our exports are doing great. Iraq is importing thousands and thousands of security guards from the US so that is doing our economy great. Plus, everybody's credit limit just increased thanks to Mr. Greenspan, I heard him say so many people are keeping up with their payments that he decided people should be rewarded. I must be rich because it appears my taxes went up although inflation is very tame especially when you remove energy, food, college, and healthcare costs (they tend to make inflation look mean and evil). Companies going into bankruptcy is good for the economy because they just write off the bad debt and create new ones. The airline industry is quite positive, in fact, they might be hiring thousands more baggage handlers. Reducing benefits and getting rid of pension plans is really increasing the profit margins at these companies. Jobs goings overseas is OK so long as countries buy our military hardware...c'mon Taiwan, buy more weapons!!!
    I hear that North Korea is going to exchange their nuclear know-how in exchange for shares of Wal-Mart which will be great for US investors. Plus that will be lots of jobs in North Korea because Wal-Mart will open the biggest mall ever, plus it makes strategic sense. North Korea is closer to US than China is by a few miles and with expensive shipping costs, every mile counts. I also hear Dell is going to start producing super cheap computers at $100 max...the most popular computer accessory will be the hard drive. GM is going to give rebates of up to $10,000 and 0% financing for 10 years. Soon the world will engage in a world wide embargo against the US because we are cheating when it comes to WTO. Brilliant! Then we will have to manufacture everything for ourselves and that will be tremendous for our economy...yes you guys are right, 14,000 could very well be quite conservative. Inflation will not be a problem; the biggest choice Greenspan has to make is do we issue more paper or more plastic? All in all things look very good.

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