dow will be down for next 3 days..

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    I picked Wednesday for the start of a big correction,. was one day too early. IBM was always goimg to lead the DOW down but I guessed the smart money would leave the day of their earnings report not the day after ( a few got caught out i suspect). DOW tech stocks are now hurting, because when Big Blue comes in at expected earnings whilst on 52 week high we have a recipe for disaster. The sluggish forecast from management, whilst realistic, is not what the market needed.

    As I type IBM has held steady whilst the DOW is down 50 points. Luckily IBM (12% impact on DOW) is holding, which I dont believe it will do through to this afternoon, thus I am calling DOW down 120 points tonight (minimum)...

    Next week we will be looking at 3 - 4 losing days, and the DOW will be trading at around 9400. From this 9400 base the DOW will trading above 10000 by the end of January.... Get on board people, sell all that GOLD, its for fools I tells ya, and buy buy buy,,, start at 9500 looking for a 9400 bounce.
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