DOW under 3000! For those aged under 35!

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    Looking at the BIG picture, IMHO the DOW will be trading under 3000, yes *3*000, within 18-24 months and the $AUD will be over USD$0.80c. If you understand the instruments for SHORT SELLING, then a fortune should be made. If you don't, all pain, no gain, unless you sell up very very soon. N.B. Aussie Gold stocks should be the saviour in the medium term, until the $AUD starts to take it's toll on them in about 18 months, as it rises against the greenback and GOLD starts to suffer from oversupply. It should reach levels of $500+ prior to this occuring. That's around $AUD600/oz. When the market crashed in 1987, I only had a few Lynas Gold shares left; more by good luck than good management-bought a house! Despite gold being the flavour of the market at the time of the crash, Lynas STILL fell from around 60c to 20c in ONE DAY, recovered to 40c the next day(I sold), then they went to 30c and kept going south. If a PANIC does occur, as against a choppy major correction over a period of 12-18 months, NO STOCKS WILL BE IMMUNE - Doesn't sound logical, but it happened in 1987! The next BULL market should be lead by Europe and China as the new shining lights. In the meantime, the USA will go through a great deal of pain as it is forced to restructure it's economy and address it's massive debt. IT can't continue to prop up it's economy through subsidies to farmers and import restrictions. DOW under 3,000 is NOT unrealistic. It's almost a dead cert!! In the late 70's/early 80's, a rise in the DOW to 3,000 seemed like 'pie in the sky'. All things come back into balance. Bye, bye, miz...american pie..........drove my chevy to the market but the market was...oh bugger.
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