Dow drops - ADR response, (NAB, BHP etc)

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    Some important Aussie listed securities (ADRs) in the US ended like this overnight (US stock code in brackets):

    NAB (NAB)- down 1.5%
    BHP (BHP) - down 1.7%
    RIO (RTP) - down 1%
    NCP (NWS) - down 1.5%

    The watershed stock to watch on the Dow is 3M (MMM) due to its current weighting and influence over rises/falls in the DOW. MMM closed down US$2.02 or 1.7%. About $1 of this fall came right at the close.
    (you can check the intra chart at yahoo with this link, )

    To get an indication of how extensive MMM's influence is over the Dow, the current rule of thumb is to multiply its percentage rise / fall by four to calculate how much of the rise / fall of the Dow has been influenced by this one stock. IE - todays 1.7% drop means that MMM accounted for approx 6.5% of the Dows 182 point fall or about 13 points.

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