dow crash? schurrly!

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    An excerpt -

    ...... Investors haven't sold for any other reason than the markets haven't fallen, yet. One is afraid to sell, as opposed to asking what there is to gain by staying long. That the market has been manipulated for so long and has been able to maintain artificial levels for so long, simply means that once the guys who run the show are all out, this thing will be permitted to plummet to where it would or should be, and with such speed that there will be no chance for anyone to get out, or make use of a lifetime opportunity to achieve great wealth, as a result of the coming calamity. There is no choice but to be even more vocal about this than I was at the peak of the Nikkei almost 16 years ago. Why?

    Because this is dramatically worse!

    The US' coffers do not enjoy 40% of the world's savings (Japan). Rather, North America is broke, and that will be exposed. How can this not be obvious? The attitude that something that we know will happen could happen later, and may therefore be ignored, is like refusing to by life insurance for your family's sake because your not dead yet. ........

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