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    For a couple of days there, I thought the HC Mods had just cemented the Forum. Which is a sign in itself.

    So this thread is set up for the Doubters, to be able to post non-defamatory perspectives on what happens next.

    Throughout this little drama, we have seen Touters, and we have seen leakers, occasionally the leakers give the game away, that is they predict...or float...that which is on it's way...for affect in my opinion.

    During the technology embarrassment of the Company Conference call, the one where the Broker did not understand that he needed to mute his line, and took a call from a client....proceeding to then announce the deal, we have established that this is a Touted stock. Fine, common apparently on this exchange. Is what it is. Buyers be aware.

    The Doubters, for 19 months, have brought up many points of concern or question about this company....and thus the stock.

    Lets start by reviewing the basics.

    1. This is not a condescending statement. but the stock is currently not dropping in price, because it has not currently being traded, which is pretty slick, stall it at 5.8, and carry that incredible market cap, while you thrash about to try and build a business, apologize to Compliance, hell even blame them for allowing you to do it, but net result, no pun intended here, the stock has stopped dropping.

    2. They "Bought" some sales, for some amount of money, those sales are being heralded as guidance, guidance that has supposedly been reiterated many times, by JT. I just can not find those reiterations, in a video by JT with some other folks, I saw that the moderator recognized the previous guidance, but that JT said nothing, I guess that is a supporting reaction, not one a lawyer would want to count on. But the result of the company purchase, and I stated as such, good on them for buying some sales, and people that had sold technology, good moves in my opinion.

    3. We await news of these assured guidance sales, and any other sales, in China, Australia, or the United States. It matters not a whit that the company is not disclosing any information on this right now, that is there prerogative. There may be ramifications to this "Style" of disclosure, but it is up to Compliance Authorities to address this. As the Touters always scream, so don't buy the stock....go away, the later is not likely, unless of course the Touters take over control of Hot Copper, and I am blocked.

    4. There is no doubt....that the Doubters...all seem to have industry experience, have pointed out that these markets, are some of the most competitive in industry, and thus the company must raise substantial capital to develop, compete, and hopefully sell this technology. I know for a fact that JT has always understood this hurdle.

    5. Under the comment that sometimes the Touters leak and tell the truth, a leading Touter stated, with some exasperation...but with obvious truth, without JT, the company would surely have gone Bankrupt...truer words have never been spoken on this Forum. may I add, JT, and others, had already substantial sums invested, so they have dug in, found more capital, and apparently, we have so little information, they have apparently been doing something.

    6. The Doubters Bay Pirate Flag says, We Don't Believe it, it....that would be .monster sales , huge value , recognition of Netlinkz world wide superiority, I guess it is all not impossible........but ?.

    7. The last couple of posts from new people....Leakers....seem to point out a scenario that Compliance folks in the U.S. are well familiar with when reviewing Pumped stocks.......called The Freeze....the new Poster, a leaker, described a soon to be released glowing report, after complete silence, soon to be released because the company said so......and then the company taking a long Trading Halt Time Out, new storied CFO coming on Board, to insure they get this thing RIGHT. Perfect....the big stall is complete....Shareholder....well you may just have to wait....all for the good of course.

    As a part of the "Play", the famous Touters all said...on que....."No way" have it all wrong.....conveniently disengaging the Touters, from the "Play", so that they may join in the displeasure and outrage, from the The Freeze, while saying ...eventually....well there are sales, we bought those, and so....all in all...well. I guess this is the right thing to do...The Exchange has signed off....all good.

    8. Doubters ....this is already over...the connected money....has already been withdrawn, when the stock rocketed, or bounced, the company may just wilt now, albeit in a more reputable way, blaming the Virus no doubt, or other market it is tough out there in technology market, filled with over 23 larger, better capitalized competitors.

    9. Who owned what, when did they get it, what price did they get it at, when did they sell it, what was the profit. say thee.

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