Double payout games AFL NRL

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    Another double payout game last night in the AFL for Sportsbet. Have to love the AFL NRL early payout promos currently on offer each round. Been several games in both codes already this year that you could have simply placed the max $250 on each team (one with Sportsbet and one with another bookie with similar promo) then sit back and enjoyed collecting on both bets. Minimal downside risk if you choose 50/50 games with similar odds even if it doesn't go as planned, and double payout potential if it goes your way. Snagged a few this year including last night thanks to the late rush of goals by Swans to put them 12+ up at QT.   Also lost a few but as stated earlier the loss is minimal sometimes as low as $20 for example if you get $1.92 odds on both teams.

    Been also some nice big early payouts on underdogs for the more risk averse.
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