MBP 3.23% 3.0¢ metabolic pharmaceuticals limited

dos anyone want to talk about mbp

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    This company has done the wrong thing the in past, what are the chances of them bringing out some positive surprise news that will shock the market and then they will be everyone�fs favorite company????

    I think people are fickle and if and I say if they get a major drug company as partner or something big all will be forgiven but I really think they will move like lightning if something like that happened.

    There are so many companies like these big boys (AFG, CER, CNP, ABS, AED) have been sold down big time and they are still in trouble at least MBP have settled, I am betting on some good news from them in the next 6 weeks! I hold but not many I have 80,000 shares and I still want my money back got in at 20c 16c 14 and 13c. They are out of favor now but I don't think they will be forever cheers
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