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dor the directors care about the share price?

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    Epiphany, your details about Paris Hilton and the worlds biggest on line party, sounds very positive. Well done CQU. Exactly what the company needs.

    A question of those who attended the AGM. It seems to me that it is possible that CQU is run by a bunch of computer academics, more interested in their projects than in the share price and that possibly they lack expericence in running a junior public company. Or perhaps there are other reasons why they are content to let the share price linger at what such low levels sale levels.

    Today the closing price was 4,7 cents. Ignoring the offer of 1,017,700 shares on offer at 17 cents, there 233,178 shares on offer between 0.69 and 15 cents, i.e. at a total cost of $20,562. Given CQU just sold several million shares at 25 cents they could buy back the 233,178 shares and in so doing make a profit of $37,733 but much more importantly get the share price up to reasonable levels (15 cents, a 300% increase). A low share price is infectious, so too is a rising stock.

    Perhaps the it has not occurred to the directors to buy back CQU shares, perhaps they consider it unethical, perhaps they don't really care about the share price, perhaps they are afraid that having got the stock to 15 cents it will be trashed again. Does anyone have a feeling on these comments?

    I do not have any shares for sale in the 233,178 shares mentioned above.

    This is not investment advice
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