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Dopey Dan has a brother in A Tsipras

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    Its truly amazing to Dopey Dan has a like minded who has managed to convinced a whole nation that he can tell others to give him money to fund his dreams....and like our Dopey Tsipras has begun ripping up contracts that would pay back his creditors.

    In the case of Dopey took about 2 days to make him aware of a $2billion dollar set of claims and all that stop for him was his dreams to demolish 50 level crossing, in the case of Dopeys cousin, Id say about 2 months before the s**t hits the fan. The road will clearly get tough though as the money runs out.

    What does this mean for TTS.....Id say $4...within the next 2 weeks...then onwards and upwards as more and more pple come to respect a decent hard nose management and contrast the dream merchants of the ALP...if anyone can point Dopey to me, I have a bridge I want to sell him...only $5
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