dont ya just luv the nrl

  1. Yak
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    Without doubt the Blues have won the series!

    Without doubt they dominated the Maroons in Game 2!!

    Game 1, however, was a much closer event with a few calls going the other way and a few less injuries and there's a different result.

    My point???

    Todays article reads:

    "The Test team will be dominated by NSW because NSW have dominated the last two games," Anderson said last night."

    A. They didnt dominate the 1st game at all but

    B. Even if they did, whats interesting is that EVEN IF THEY DID - when Qld dominated NSW in series after series'........ QLD NEVER - EVER dominated the Test selections.


    NRL? I dont think so its still NSWRL!!!

    Take the Finals - every non-Sydney team who makes it that far has to play an AWAY fixture so that the Finals all stay in Sydney

    How is that a NATIONAL rugby league comp??

    And ya wonder why there's been a Queenslander spirit that the Cockroaches have never really understood???

    Goes back to the years and years of this sort of treatment that still hasnt changed a bit!
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