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    We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to apply for a limited number of AMP Reset Preferred Securities, available from Sanford Securities.

    The AMP Group is issuing Reset Preferred Securities (RPS) to raise $750 million (with oversubscriptions provisions for a further $400 million).


    - Indicative distribution rate of 8.30% p.a.
    - Convertible to AMP Ordinary Shares
    - Rank in preference to AMP Ordinary Shares
    - Potential participation in the potential appreciation of the AMP Ordinary Share price

    The RPS are perpetual securities which may be converted to ordinary shares on any 'Reset Date' at a discount of 2.5% to market.

    Reset Dates are 5-yearly, the first being on 24 October 2007, on which dates distributions are reset.

    As preferred securities the amounts owing to RPS Holders are structured to be paid before, or in preference to, amounts owing on AMP Ordinary Shares.

    RPS also participate in any increase in AMP's Ordinary Share price above $20.

    Please note that this is a limited offer and may be closed before the Closing Date.

    For further information about investing in AMP Resets please read the information and the prospectus available at
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