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    Hi all
    It's been a long time between drinks but I've been extremely busy with business commitments and the markets been shit. The astute investor no doubt would have picked up a movement in both SLT and YAM yesterday. The common thread of course being the directors.
    I predicted SLT would turn Bio-med that long ago it almost makes me dizzy but you could see it was coming by the composition of the board. Due diligence and horse trading always takes time and what better time to put the planets in a row than in the new year with the likelihood of a better market around the corner.
    I'll put a more detailed post out on the weekend, but for now I'll make this impassioned plea. Don't listen to those plonkers who knock Frost and Revlins. Sure Yam has had its moments but it's a fantastic trading stock bought at the right levels. And SLT well - Let's say that it's been that long in delivering an announcement that I wanted to add a U to it.
    Please revisit my posts on PRR. I was the first to predict it's birth and believe me it's got more legs yet. But here's a chance for all to get into a promising bio-med stock in its infancy instead of farting around and jumping on board when the inevitable announcement run starts. These guys wouldn't have put so much time into this MOU unless there was a clear outcome.
    Post further news on the weekend including my five picks of smalls for the year
    Cheers for now
    Misty Bay ( Remember the harder I work the luckier I get)
    PS Av a go they won't be at these prices come May.
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