MSC 0.00% 6.4¢ minerals corporation limited

don't panic

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    To all the hotcopperans out there, don't lose faith. This is the worst market since the great deperession. However with the Chinese stimulus and the G20 pledge to stimulate their economies we should see some upside or stabilization from 2nd qtr next year in the world economy.
    With regards to MSC, my information is that it is just about to take off. Maybe in a week. Orders should be piling in soon. I know it looks dead but the riff raff always get it wrong and it is not just about to die. Ignore what the market says because it is made up of retards and is always wrong. Institutions are the most retarded of the lot. This is simply the best buying opportunity of all time. I've got 27m and have run out of cash completely, otherwise I would be filling my boots and buying more. Let's assess MSC in a week.
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