dont get sucked in the vacum

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    Getting a bit concerned about the gold price and i`ll b looking to sell LHG this week if it surges.

    May i suggest to many dont chase gold and many know stock always eventually get sold off.

    I believe that gold will get back to low 300`s before advancing again.

    Always remember to buy on an a down day and sell on the up.

    Interesting to c when the Dow rises gold falls away and when the Dow retreats metal prices surge.

    Very interesting times ahead.

    Also very interesting artical in the Financial review on the weekend on page 55. "Petal to the metal".

    Gold was one of the brighest stars in the commodity market rising 24% since last year.

    ABARE r saying that they can c an end to the rally.
    suggesting that the average price for gold will fall back to under 300.

    Beginners beware not to jump on all the hype.

    For the ones holding on dont b greedy to not take profits.

    Never can go wrong taking a profit.

    Goodluck all

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