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dont blame management, blame yourself!

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    What has become apparent is there are a number of holders of MEO shares that are continuously lipping off about management.

    If you feel that strong about their shortcomings before the deal has even been completed try to comprehend the size and complexity of the deal. Perhaps when all the details are revealed it might become easier to understand. So i guess its just fear of the unknown.

    Saying that this has dragged on for far too long is just revealing your impatience. How long do you think they should have taken to get this size deal done. A couple of months perhaps? much less time than it would take to get local council approvals to build a small house.

    Obviuosly you still have faith otherwise you would have sold out long ago, so perhaps this is just an excuse to whine about your impatience and mask it as some sort of company issue. Or have you simply lost faith in your own investment research and are looking for a scapegoat.

    O&G investments are not for the fainthearted or impatient.
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