Don't be fooled by XAO rally today

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    XGP index price pillar has been neutral since 24/04/02 and has been in slight decline since 09/05/02. Unless it hits a higher high than 22/11/01 (post S11), I see no blue sky just yet. Do a reality check folks, its only NCP that is driving the XAO index today, and XAO is not the market. Most other stocks are weak to down (slipping). We are currently travelling @ 5km in a 100km zone, thats shocking! If we are to get from here (Earth) to the moon, we must at least start at 100km/h right? LOL. The max market spped I have recorded was durinf the decline, -400km/h for 2 months. Next highest was positive speed of about +200km/h. 100k/h is average kosher speed. So what gives brokers and analysts?

    Posting on a forum or sending out broker reports on a regular basis does not make one an expert in their field, just as going to Macdonalds on a regular basis does not make one a hamburger.
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