don hoop how much do i owe u?

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    For giving me the tips inthe SS ( double lightning) picking competition. You certainly are a marvel. The souvlakis in the mail!

    Hope you picked up your holiday pay from your partime job in the O Christos plus tips of course.

    When's the next comp? Do you want 10%? Share tipping competition, Round 9

    1st Place Prize (total value $885)
    dlux with 82.68%

    2nd Place Prize (total value $525)
    crowman28 with 41.36%

    3rd Place Prize (total value at $400)
    aimforsimon with 38.80%

    4th to 10th Place Prize (total value $100 each)
    Wargfang with 35.59%
    jjv with 33.55%
    pandora with 31.48%
    scott_reeve with 29.74%
    mick t with 29.27%
    InHindSight with 28.50%
    goldi with 27.17%

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