CCE 0.00% 0.1¢ carnegie clean energy limited

** dominic banana sells cce **

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    I had to take some profits as much as I believe in CCE and spray on skin and stuff.

    When it got near 40 cents, my grand dad of why all things are said, jojo, says "dominic, it's over cooked like the chicken I cooked at Shabat last fridays."

    I'm gunna let it settled down a little because I only found out they issused a lot of shares at 10 cents or something. I think they were crazy to do this because one day i reckon CCE will be a lot more than todays price.

    Anyway I'm watching for re entry coz I still want it bad inside but will wait a few days.

    Thank you CCE, me and jojo still like you but maybe under 30 cents.
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