ASC 6.67% 1.6¢ limited

** dominic banana is inside **

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    I bought some ASC because some funny things are happening in my head with some sexy type shares.

    First off there was SPL because they got that gel (i'll get to GEL in a minute) that stops monkeys and stuff from getting AIDS but they got halted for some reason unbeknowns to little ol dom and grand dad jojo.

    And then there is another little company that has got some sort of cure or close to it for herpes but I haven't bought yet so I am not telling, even though I said I would tell H.

    Anyway I bought some ASC which is adultshop because it is going up and if it continues to do so, so will I, eheheh. People need all that porno stuff I checked out one of there websites and I got some things coming to my home address. I like to meet people on the net but not in person because of my disability. So you can help me give her a name when she arrives.

    Oh and getting back to GEL, if u put an I in ASC and add it to GEL you get ASIC GEL and they make a good shoe.

    There is so much happening in my head I need to buy something, cya.

    Go ASC and GEL
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