VCR ventracor limited

** dominic banana buys vcr,cce,cle**

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    I've been watching this VCR thing. I like the idea that they putting new hearts in dead man walking but what if one of them dies?

    Like some people don't know that these lucky recipients are lucky to receive a new heart.

    What happens when they travel thru a metal detector thing at the airport?

    I reckon CLE can pick up if it C4 explosives or a metal heart.

    I'm looking at CLE coz they got some good terrorist detection stuff that might be ok. Don't let aother ausssie company go overseas.

    I am a bit simple because of a motorbike accident, (my front temple lobe got smashed) but CLE have the 2 of the same letters as CCE.

    I reckon we should stand up and say these companies are not going overseas.

    I can't say buy but CLE and CCE are good aussie companies that we can't let go overseas.

    I been talking to my grandad jojo and he agrees.
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