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    Dom is a classy stock !! It will underpromote and over deliver !!!! Gold has only come to life 6 months ago and so far dom price is only reflecting the sea change in gold miners.There is no premium for the management style .There is no advantage in promoting a stock and not delivering.The price just goes down.So best to let the results speak for themselves and surprise on the upside.Deep in the 26 6 01 aimm/gsa report is an observation that the challenger mine MIGHT perform 15 % better than the modelling & there is also now additional tonnage in known structures & new high grade zones adjacent the planned pit.This should flow through to more cash earned. You have to admire the thorough preperation prior to mining.That has occurred because of experienced management that has been in the industry many many years. At head office costs have been relentlessly pushed down over the years.Issued capital has progressively been reduced, there are none of the dot com style of millions and millions of management options waiting to be exercised when the price lifts. The aim of a small explorer is to survive. This is done by joint venturing. Someone else spends some money and Dom will reap some reward if it is a good find. You have to applaud the management for having prospects drilled and showing encouraging results sufficient to get people to spend their money and not DOM s money to go a stage further. And just when the interest in gold has come back.!!! that just isnt a coincidence. Kind of gives you confidence dont you think???!!! On the matter of directors holdings I think you will find that the 300000 shares will take the holding to just over 10 %
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Currently unlisted public company.

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